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TU8001 Ethernet Surge Protector

Produktnummer: 743692
Produsentens P/N: 02315-001
inkl. mva.
AXIS TU8001 Ethernet Surge Protector helps reduce system downtime, service and maintenance by shielding PoE devices against transient voltage spikes in the Ethernet cable. It is a compact, high-quality product validated to work seamlessly with Axis devices. AXIS TU8001 can be installed close to a PoE switch located indoors or in an outdoor electrical enclosure cabinet adjacent to a network camera or another device. Placing it in an enclosure, you get less exposed wiring, simpler troubleshooting of the whole system and less hardware visible on the pole. The product can be easily mounted on a wall or on a DIN rail.
Operational temperature degrees -40C to 85C
Min side