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Power & connectivity

10-pin Push-Pull System Connector

Produktnummer: 743492
Produsentens P/N: 5506-251

Industrial Multirate PoE Media Converter up to 90W

Produktnummer: 746342
Produsentens P/N: AMG250-2GBT-1S-P180

Industrial DIN-Rail 120W power supply

Produktnummer: 746346
Produsentens P/N: AMGPSU-I48-P120
ASKDP03-T Armored Cable ExCam 10 m

High-speed cable for Industrial Ethernet

Produktnummer: 741759
Produsentens P/N: 01543-001
ASKDP03-T Armored Cable ExCam 25 m

High-speed cable for Industrial Ethernet

Produktnummer: 741760
Produsentens P/N: 01544-001
ASKDP03-T Armored Cable ExCam 95 m

High-speed cable for Industrial Ethernet

Produktnummer: 741761
Produsentens P/N: 01545-001
AXIS 30 W Midspan

AXIS 30 W Midspan is a 1-port midspan that can deliver up to 30 W to one network device.

Produktnummer: 743031
Produsentens P/N: 02172-002
AXIS 30 W Midspan AC-DC

24 V AC and 10-28 V DC input

Produktnummer: 744151
Produsentens P/N: 02208-001
AXIS 30 W Outdoor Midspan

IP66-/IP67. -40 °C to 65 °C

Produktnummer: 742576
Produsentens P/N: 01944-001
AXIS 90 W midspan AC-DC

Produktnummer: 743917
Produsentens P/N: 02209-001
AXIS Audio Extension Cable B 5m

For T8351 Mk II

Produktnummer: 741660
Produsentens P/N: 01589-001
AXIS Camera Heater Power Supply

Produktnummer: 745943
Produsentens P/N: 02040-001
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