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P8815-2 3D People Counter. Black

Integrated software and hardware

Produktnummer: 742810
Produsentens P/N: 01787-001
inkl. mva.
Combining 3D imaging software and hardware in one device, this device counts people in both directions simultaneously and can also estimate occupancy levels in real-time. It can also detect tailgating and direction and notify you if more than one person enters within a set time interval, or if people move in the wrong direction. The device generates a 3D depth map for reliable counting even in challenging conditions. Data from the counter helps you evaluate site performance and analyze visitor trends, allowing you to make informed decisions to optimize operational efficiency. For wide area coverage, it’s easy to connect two counters.
Aperture 2.2
Focal length 2.8
Image sensor CMOS
Image sensor size 1/2.9
Megapixel sensor Yes
Min illumination and light sensitivity. Color 1000
Zipstream Yes
H.264 Yes
Max frames per second 30
Max video resolution 1920x1080
Wide Dynamic Range Forensic WDR
AXIS Camera Application Platform Yes
IP rating IP4x
Operational temperature degrees 0-50
Power over Ethernet Yes
Power over Ethernet Class 3
Min side