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FA51 Main Unit. single channel

Compatible with all AXIS FA Sensors Unit

Produktnummer: 743773
Produsentens P/N: 02196-001
inkl. mva.
This modular single-channel main unit can connect to one sensor unit offering highly discreet surveillance. Featuring an HDMI output, it’s possible to display live video on a public viewing monitor. And, AXIS Face Detector highlights faces within bounding boxes to let would-be shoplifters know they’re being monitored and proactively reduce shoplifting. Compatible with all AXIS FA sensor units including IR sensor units, you’ll enjoy excellent video quality even in complete darkness. Furthermore, Axis Edge Vault protects your Axis device ID and simplifies authorization of Axis devices on your network.
Zipstream Yes
H.264 Yes
Max frames per second 25 / 30
Max video resolution 1920x1080
Wide Dynamic Range Forensic WDR
AXIS Camera Application Platform Yes
Alarm inputs and outputs 2
IP rating IP4X
Local storage. Memory card Yes
Operational temperature degrees -20 to 50
Max power consumption 6.82
Power over Ethernet Yes
Power over Ethernet Class 3
Min side