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C1211-E Network Ceiling Speaker

93 dB. All-in-one speaker system

Produktnummer: 744433
Produsentens P/N: 02323-001
inkl. mva.
AXIS C1211-E is an all-in-one speaker system that makes voice announcements smart and easy. It connects to standard network using one cable for both power (PoE) and connectivity. AXIS C1211-E offers flexible, discrete recessed ceiling installation, ideal for indoor environments but can also be used for protected outdoor areas like under the eaves. Additionally, it features a backbox that meets plenum requirements. It offers easy integration with your video management software (VMS), VoIP telephony, analytics, and more. Including a preconfigured digital signal processer (DSP) it produces clear voice every time. It also features a built-in microphone enabling remote health testing and 2-way audio talk-back. Furthermore, the embedded audio management software supports user, content, zone, and scheduling management.
Audio support Yes
Two-way audio Yes
AXIS Camera Application Platform Yes
Alarm inputs and outputs 2
IP rating IP44 ( IP40 above ceiling) (IP54 with outdoor accessory)
Local storage. Memory card Yes
Operational temperature degrees -30 to 50
Outdoor Ready Yes
Max power consumption 12.95
Power over Ethernet Yes
Power over Ethernet Class 3
Min side