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A9801 Security relay

For use with A8004-VE and A8105-E

Produktnummer: 741399
Produsentens P/N: 5801-141
inkl. mva.
AXIS A9801 Security Relay improves security for doors controlled by Axis network video door stations. The small relay, easily placed in most standard installation boxes, is installed on the secure side of the door. If anyone attempts to dismount or vandalize the door station, AXIS A9801 cuts the connection to the door strike and the door remains securely locked. Normal function can be restored using the relay’s reset button. AXIS A9801 also acts as a power transformer and can double the 12 V output from a door station, thus enabling control of 24 V locks without any extra wiring or power supply
Operational temperature degrees -20 to 50
Min side