Hatteland Technology offer a wide range of products and solutions that are well suited for the food industry. 

When it comes to food production, hygiene is an essential aspect of your product choice. Our CCTV, display and computing solutions in stainless steel are designed to meet all food industry requirements.






Hygeiene requirements

A single outbreak of a foodborne illness could damage a food processor’s reputation and lead to temporary or permanent closing of the factory. In many cases, individual outbreaks of illness can escalate into full-blown public health crises. The latest even has challenged the marked with extra cleaning measure. It is not only the production line that needs to be thoroughly cleaned but also any surface that can be touched by one or several workers.

Thankfully, professional in the food processing industry or farming can take steps towards mitigating the risks of contamination by designing a food-processing line that is easy to clean and complies with food safety guidelines.


This industrial-grade processing equipment must be easy to clean and be able to withstand the harsh cleaning regimens involved in meeting hygiene standards required by regulatory bodies. 

It is not only the food processing equipment or machine that must meet the regulatory hygiene requirement, but also the instrument such as computer, display or cameras placed around around the processing line to operate and monitor the production line

When it comes to food processing or any production involving clean zone, it is extremely important that the production line can withstand:

  • High pressure water jet
  • Salt water
  • Hot water and chemicals
  • Wide temperature range

Realated Products


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