Medical Products

The healthcare industry strives to offer the best possible care for each and every patient, and computers – and process automation – plays a significant role in providing the highest possible standard. Technological advancements and innovative new solutions contribute to higher efficiency, less stress for both health professionals and patients and better medical care.


In an environment where hygiene is of the utmost importance, medical grade equipment should be regarded a necessity rather than an alternative. Medical grade computers and panel PCs prevent the spread of nosocomial infections and provides electrical and radiation protection for patients that are in a vulnerable state.


Medical grade computers typically have a sealed front bezel that upholds an IP 65 rating – ensuring protection from dust and water sprays and allowing the equipment to be easily cleaned with disinfectant spray. Additionally, fanless medical grade computer designs offer superior cleanliness and hygiene. Hatteland Technology offer a broad specter of medical grade computers and panel PCs that are well-suited for sensitive patient environments



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