Maritime Products

Due to the naturally harsh environment in which they are located, marine PCs, displays, keyboards and trackballs must be able to withstand, and function properly, under the most challenging conditions – including EX zones. This requires ATEX certification, robust casings and satisfactory IP ratings.


Marine industries require equipment and computers that are well-suited for the ever-present threat and water damage. Non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel – preferably stainless steel 316 – is often the ideal option. The majority of computers and displays aboard a vessel will be located in three main areas: the bridge, the control room and the engine room. Optimal functionality is critical in all three of these areas as they are crucial for the navigational system, data processing and propulsion, respectively.


All three locations are subject to vibration and rough sea conditions. Computers in the engine room, in particular, operate in an environment where dust and high temperatures are a common threat that requires the appropriate protection to prevent malfunctions. To ensure compliance with industry standards, all electrical components should be DNV GL tested and approved.


Hatteland Technology offers an enormous catalogue of maritime products, including marine PCs, panel PCs, displays, trackballs, keyboards and marine certified UPS.



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