Often regarded merely as accessories to the industrial computers, keyboards still play a vital role in any and every manufacturing process. Additionally, keyboards must meet the same requirements as all other equipment in your computer system. Keyboards that will be operated in harsh environments – such as in the marine industry – should uphold a satisfactory IP grade, protecting the equipment from dust and water, and keyboards located in EX zones must be ATEX certified.


Keyboards comes with a variety of options, based on location, environment and usage. Some operations may require only a 16 key touch keyboard, while others require the full 103 key alternative. Some keyboards offer an integrated trackball, and backlit keyboards are ideal for low-light environments. You should also consider whether the keyboard will be panel mounted or table mounted.


Hatteland Technology offers a wide variety of keyboards, including industrial keyboards, marine keyboards, backlit keyboards, touchpad keyboards and keyboards with an integrated trackball.