Industrial PC - Barebone

Developed and intended for industrial applications, industrial PCs differ from consumer alternatives in dependability, ruggedness, flexibility, and complexity. Industrial PCs cater to a multitude of purposes and usages – primarily relating to processing control and/or acquisition of valuable data, and additionally for front-end application in a distributed processing environment.


Typically located in harsh or demanding environments and areas, industrial PCs must satisfy the strict requirements for dependability, resilience, and ruggedness – withstanding external factors such as extreme and fluctuating temperatures, water spray, dust, and vibration.


Industrial PC enclosures may be embedded or mounted into the surrounding environment via a wall mount, panel mount, 19” rack, etc., depending on usage, location, and other requirements. Hatteland Technology offers a wide variety of industrial PCs – box computers, 19” rack computers, panel PCs, servers, network appliances, and accessories.



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