Industrial Computing

Introduced by the Third Industrial Revolution, also known as the Digital Revolution, industrial computing has played a major role in changing the world’s manufacturing landscape.


Ever since digital computers were first adopted by the industrial sector in the 1950s, industrial computing have been at the heart of most technological advancements shaping the manufacturing industry into what it is today – offering new ways to meet ever-increasing demands for productivity and cost-efficiency and paving the way for automation, Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things.


Today, the majority of new technologies and innovations are centered around software, algorithms, data collection and cloud services, and yet, manufacturers still rely on a solid infrastructure of capable and resilient hardware in order to take advantage of these technological advancements.


Hatteland Technology specializes in providing computer systems for harsh industrial environments and the most demanding conditions. Our expertise and product catalogue spans across the industrial, marine, medical and military sectors, including EX zones and ATEX products.


We offer a wide range of industrial PCs, panel PCs, displays, monitors, keyboards and trackballs, as well as industrial networking components



Let us help you identfy your optimal solution:



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128788 DS Keyboards 103T-ES-TB N USB 1U Drawer  Norwegian DS Keyboard. Stainless steel
Varenr:  128788
128787 DS Keyboards 103T-ES-TB US USB 1U Drawer  English DS Keyboard. Stainless steel
Varenr:  128787
112197 DS Keyboards 86T-ES-TB-Norwegian GEH1 USB Desktop
Varenr:  112197
120789 Supermicro A1SRM-2558F Supermicro/m-ATX/Atom C2558 CPU
Varenr:  120789
104394 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-4520C-RS, 1U 200W, 24VDC input (18-36VDC)
Varenr:  104394
106914 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-4840APM-RS 400W AC-DC, PFC
Varenr:  106914
106883 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-716AP-RS, 1U 150W AC-DC, PFC
Varenr:  106883
106881 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-716A-RS, 1U 150W AC-DC, autorange
Varenr:  106881
100533 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-716C-RS, 1U 150W, 24VDC input
Varenr:  100533
103953 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-717CX-RS, 1U 170W, 24VDC input
Varenr:  103953
103297 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-828C-RS 250W, 24VDC input
Varenr:  103297
124296 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-890A-RS 86W AC input industrial AT power supply
Varenr:  124296
100025 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-932A-RS 300W AT Power Supply
Varenr:  100025
118259 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-A225A-R11, 1U 250W AC-DC, ErP
Varenr:  118259
112144 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-A618A-RS-R11, 1U 180W AC-DC, ErP/PFC
Varenr:  112144
128260 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-A622B-RS-R10 220W 1U Flex ATX 220W Power Supply
Varenr:  128260
126040 IEI Technology Corp. ACE-A630B-RS-R11 300W 1U Flex ATX 300W Power Supply
Varenr:  126040
128939 Aplex TechnologyKS- D -xx kg ACS-2702A-128GB  IP67 Stainless N2930/4GB ram/128GB SSD/Cables
Varenr:  128939
117677  Adapter DVI hun - VGA han
Varenr:  117677
129325 Aplex TechnologyKS - S - xx kg ADP-1070AT 7" Touch monitor Aplex/VGA+DVI/9-36VDC+AC/Res.touch(USB)
Varenr:  129325
120810 Aplex TechnologyKS - S - xx kg ADP-1080AT  8" Touch monitor Aplex/VGA+DVI/9-36VDC+AC/Res.touch
Varenr:  120810
121612 Aplex TechnologyKS - S - xx kg ADP-1120AT-01  12" Touch monitor Aplex/VGA+DVI/9-36VDC+AC/Res.touch
Varenr:  121612
118827 Aplex TechnologyKS - S - xx kg ADP-1154 15" Monitor Aplex. VGA port, 230VAC
Varenr:  118827
118828 Aplex TechnologyKS - S - xx kg ADP-1154T 15" Touch monitor Aplex. VGA port, 230VAC, Res.Touch (USB)
Varenr:  118828
118825 Aplex TechnologyKS - S - xx kg ADP-1174 17" Monitor Aplex. VGA port, 230VAC
Varenr:  118825
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