Q2101-TE 19 mm 8.3 fps Thermometric

EIS, I/O, Audio, IP66/67 IK10

Varenr: 135798
275112 275112 275112 275112


Ideal for large-scale temperature monitoring, this dependable camera lets you remotely monitor temperatures from -40 °C to 350 °C (-40 °F to 660 °F). You’ll know if your equipment is close to overheating and can act to avoid unwanted downtime.

With the camera mounted on a positioning unit (sold separately) you can enable thermometric guard tour with up to 256 presets and 10 polygonal detection areas per preset.

Robust and impact-resistant, it includes built-in cybersecurity features to help safeguard your system. Additionally, edge-to-edge technology lets you connect network speakers to enable audio alarms.


·         Thermometric guard tour capabilities

·         Early fire detection analytics

·         Spot temperature reading

·         Built-in cybersecurity features

·         Support for edge-to-edge technology