Q1961-TE 13mm 8.3 fps Thermometric

28° FOV

Varenr: 135238
273841 273841 273841

Ideal to improve operational efficiency, this thermometric camera lets you remotely monitor temperatures from -40 °C to 350 °C (-40 °F to 660 °F). You’ll know if your equipment is close to overheating and can act to avoid unwanted downtime.

Supporting up to 10 configurable polygonal detection areas, you can monitor for specific temperature levels or changerates. With early fire detection analytics, it’s possible to monitor early signs of fire with smart filtering of potential false alarms.

AXIS Q1961-TE includes built-in cybersecurity features to help safeguard your system. Furthermore, edge-toedge technology lets you connect network speakers to enable audio alarms.


·         Polygonal temperature monitoring areas

·         Early fire detection analytics

·         Spot temperature reading

·         Built-in cybersecurity features

·         IP66-, IP67-, IK10- and NEMA 4X -rated