D2110-VE, Radar detector, outdoor

180° H-FOV

Varenr: 129681

AXIS D2110-VE Security Radar is a smart network-based security device that uses advanced radar technology to deliver wide 180° coverage. Thanks to built-in analytics developed using machine learning and deep learning, it can accurately detect, classify and track people and vehicles with a low false alarm rate. Featuring PoE-out it’s easy to connect and power an additional device, such as a camera for visual verification or a network horn speaker for deterrence. Furthermore, smart coexistence functionality allows the use of multiple radars close to each other. For instance, it’s possible to mount two radars back-to-back for complete 360° coverage.


> Extensive 180° area coverage

> Built-in analytics

> Low false alarm rate 24/7

> Smart coexistence functionality

> PoE-out to power additional devices